Patients rarely understand their diagnosis when they receive it, yet they must make important decisions that will affect their health and quality of life. It can be overwhelming. That’s why Santa Barbara Pharmacy takes the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. We are dedicated to the idea that quality care means more than just prompt filling of prescriptions. You get the prescriptions and medications you need, along with the personal care and attention you deserve. That’s the Santa Barbara Pharmacy advantage.


Our Mission

Santa Barbara Pharmacy is a Specialty/Infusion home healthcare provider, comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive services in an ethical and a patient-focused environment. Our goal is to provide superior care to our clients and achieve the best outcomes, while maintaining a financially sound organization for the benefit of our employees, patients and our service partners.


Our Vision

Santa Barbara Pharmacy will be a leading provider of high quality specialty healthcare services for clients while maintaining patient confidentiality. We will strive to exceed our patient's expectations for best-in-class, efficient, reliable, high quality care.


Our Patients

Each patient receives a diagnosis-specific information packet and a personalized care plan that is focused solely on meeting their needs. We provide superior care and can deliver medication to the patient’s home at no additional cost. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the diagnosis and to keep patients moving forward. That’s the Santa Barbara Pharmacy advantage.

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Our Team

Our knowledgeable team is resourceful and can help with understanding diagnoses, verifying insurance coverage, patient advocacy and enrollment in co-pay assistance programs. We coordinate with the patient's care team to develop individualized treatment options, including in-home and ambulatory infusion center (AIC) services and more..

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Helpful Resources

Health care in the United States is complex and often intimidating. Patients must often learn to understand technical medical information and learn to advocate for themselves with employers, schools and legislators. We have curated helpful resources to make your journey easier.

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Infusion Center

Santa Barbara Pharmacy has two private infusion rooms available for patients. Just call us to schedule an infusion.

Therapies and Services



Hemophilia Factor Products


Anti-infective Therapy

(TPN) Parenteral Nutrition

Nutritional Support (Tube Feeding)

Intravenous Pain Management


Chemotherapy (Oral and IV)

Specialty Injectables

Biologics Focused Therapy for Rheumatology, Dermatology, and Gastroenterology

Chronic Disease Therapy Management Programs

Skilled Infusion Nursing (Adult & Pediatric)

Registered Dietitian

Behavioral Therapist



Infertility and Pregnancy

Adult or Pediatric Administrator

Santa Barbara Pharmacy is licensed by the State of California and is accredited for specialty pharmacy, home infusion, sterile compounding (USP 797 compliant), and DME (infusion pumps). We can be your pharmacy for almost all of your medication needs. Most commercial insurances accepted. Certified Medicare and Medi-Cal (Medicaid) provider. We are insurance experts.